The mysterium tremendum has guided you to the inner workings of Brad Monahan.

Welcome to the space between the above and below... I am a drummer, game designer, and programmer with 20+ years with each. I started my first Uniball game "clone" project when I was 16 years old and that has led me on a long journey of understanding how computer software and games work along with teaching myself programming from an early age.

A few years after my family getting our first computer, I was privileged enough to be able to build my own PC in high school and learned a lot about computer hardware and specifications. From there I delved into network security and started teaching myself how to write C code and how network infrastructure works, but it never quite held my interest like the problem solving involved with programming, and games in particular.

The games I remember loving while growing up were Starcraft, the original Sim City, Age of Empires I && II, ARC (Attack, Retrieve, Capture, which later became Armor Critical), and Uniball. ARC and Uniball inspired me tremendously because both games were really fun, but also developed by two young indie developers still in school.

I love to learn about everything in the world and consider myself a continual student of life. I enjoy being around other like-minded people that push me to new heights of realization and fascination.