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UniMap  v3.01

Download “UniMap” 1 MB
UniMap_v3.01.zip 126 Downloads
Download “UniMap” 1 MB
UniMap_v2.47.zip 45 Downloads

Before Uniball was redone in Unity3d and went to Steam, this was the official map editor. Development on this application has been stopped and the latest C++ stable release is v2.47. Beta version v3.01 is an updated, ported version from C++ to C# and is not finished completely. This project has since been put to the grave.

  • Edit multiple maps at the same time or copy between multiple
  • Multiple overview zoom levels with export options
  • Report view to show map statistics
  • Launch the map in the game right from the editor
  • Associates with *.ubm map files to open from shell

Change Log
v3.01 (??-??-09):
  • [Update] Beta release of C# port

v2.48 (01-30-09):
  • [Update] Began porting from C++ to C# and .NET framework

v2.47 (01-01-07):
  • [Update] Final C++ version

v2.45 (02-18-04):
  • [Added] map zooming
  • [Added] command line map opening
  • [Added] context menus
  • [Added] center tool

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