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UE4 Plugin: DevTools  v2.3.0
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Compatible and will compile with Unreal engine versions: 4.22 - 5.0

The collection includes six standalone tools, two editor mode tools, and eight “features”. An optional toolbar button allows for quick access to all tools, commands, and settings.

The plugin also includes a todo note management system that saves reminders of tasks to be done for the project, level and blueprints individually. Authors can add a note for recipients to follow while developing a project. The level editor mode allows for managing existing level notes and adding new notes to the level. Customizable note/priority color and text size appearance settings.

This plugin was previously named “EditorTools”, but was renamed to “DevTools” to reflect the combination of the EditorTools and TodoNotes plugins into a single plugin.

Check out my other project, UE4 Developer Tools, a free stand-alone application targeted at c++ programmers to automate specific project and plugin management functions.

Rename Tool

A bulk renaming tool for quickly modifying the name of multiple content browser assets or level actors at once. The interface provides many possibilities for how to rename assets including keeping existing base names, keeping existing prefix/suffix, numbering, and replacing of strings. The tool also offers a preview of all of the new asset names.

  • Rename multiple content browser assets
  • Rename multiple level actors
  • Option to keep name's existing prefix or suffix
  • Auto incremental numbering
  • Saved preset/suffix presets
  • Preview list of all new names from old names

TexToMat Tool

Scan an asset path or a set of selected texture files for appropriate suffix's and automatically create a material from the textures. Optionally creates UV scaling, tessellation, and displacement multiplier parameters. Create material instances using sets of textures.

  • Create materials from a set of textures
  • Adds all textures to the material and connects pins
  • Optionally add UV scaling, displacement multiplier, and tessellation multiplier parameters
  • Create material instances from a base material and set of textures

Texture Resize Tool

A bulk texture asset resizing tool to quickly resize textures without having to leave the engine. Optionally creates a new texture with an added suffix instead of overwriting the original.

  • Re-size multiple textures up or down
  • Preview list of all resizing textures with original size

Blueprint Transfer Tool

Transfer blueprint properties, functions, and macros from one blueprint to another quickly and easily. Saves time from having to create new functions/properties and/or copy and pasting graph nodes.

  • Move/Copy/Delete properties, functions, and macros
  • Automatically moves/copies variables that a function uses

Console Command Tool

Custom list of editor commands accessible from a common interface. Saves regularly used editor commands from having to be remembered and typed in with parameters.

  • Save frequently used console commands
  • Organize by category

Asset Cleaner Tool

View, manage, and cleanup assets that are not used by the project.

  • View unused project assets
  • Move/Edit/Delete Assets
  • Apply naming conventions

Module Save Tool

Sometimes you need to change c++ class names and use redirectors in the ini config file to point the editor to the new names. This tool re-saves all assets that are associated with a certain module to enable the removal of the ini config file redirectors. Once the assets are saved, the redirectors can be safely removed from the ini config file.

Quick Place Tool

Select multiple assets in the content browser and quickly place them at random by pressing and dragging the mouse to scale and rotate. Random limitation settings allow specific randomization.

  • Randomly place groups of objects
  • Random location, rotation, and scale offsets

Transform Tool

Actor transform tool that helps with selection, alignment, and transform randomization of objects. Includes an actor array spawn feature that acts like 3ds Max’s array tool and a spline edit tool that allows you to manually enter exact spline point locations.

  • Select level actors by class
  • Align groups of level actors
  • Apply random location, rotation, and scale transforms
  • Create 1D, 2D, and 3D arrays of objects
  • Edit spline points directly

Project Notes

Project notes are "global" notes that exist for the entire project. Notes are saved in a XML file located at "[ProjectName]/Saved/TodoNoteData/ProjectTodoNotes.xml" and are completely separate from any levels.

  • Global project todo notes
  • Save notes as reminders of things todo
  • Recipient and author fields for each note
  • Creation and last update date/time for each note
  • Search for notes by content
  • Filter by status, priority, recipient, and and author
  • Recipient/author name presets

Level Notes

Level notes are actors in the world that are saved to the level map. Each level can contain its own set of todo notes with a specific location in the level. Recipients can quickly jump between notes using the note editor mode to view tasks assigned to them. All level notes are visible when in the note editor mode and hidden when not in the editor mode, but can be toggled to always be visible in the settings.

  • Notes at locations in the world
  • Optional actor target shows which actor the note is associated with

Blueprint Notes

Blueprint notes are notes inside blueprint comments that are saved in the blueprint comment text itself and parsed by the plugin.

Comment Auto-Sizing & Color Presets

Comments will automatically size to the nodes it contains. Each comment has replace, add, remove, and clear buttons to handle the child nodes it contains. Comments also have color presets in their details view to quickly set comment colors depending on context.

  • Comments automatically resize to fit nodes
  • Color presets in comment details

Auto Texture Asset Import Options

The editor will automatically set texture asset options on (re)import such as compression and texture group settings based on the filename prefix and suffix.

Asset Naming Conventions

Maintains project naming conventions by applying prefix/suffix to content browser assets based on asset class.

Content Browser Auto Folder Coloring

Automatically updates content browser folder colors based on specified naming conventions upon editor launch or on change to the naming conventions.

Quick PIE Presets

Custom play in editor (PIE) presets for quickly testing between multiple PIE configurations.

Multiple Log Windows

Up to four different log windows can be spawned simultaneously, each with their own category and filtering options.

Theme Manager

Change the look and feel of the Unreal Editor user interface. Saves/loads themes to files. Includes build-in theme presets.

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Change Log
v2.3.0 (10-11-2021):
  • [Added] Thumbnail Generator Tool

v2.2.0 (09-20-2021):
  • [Added] Graph Node Screenshots
  • [Added] Blueprint script saving/loading
  • [Updated] Cosmetic changes, including 5.0 styling updates

v2.1.13 (08-14-2021):
  • [Added] External DevTools
  • [Updated] UE5.0 beta support

v2.1.10 (04-23-2021):
  • [Fixed] Set Comment Preset Color editor commands are now functional.
  • [Fixed] Set Comment Preset Color editor shortcuts set to Ctrl+Shift+0-9 instead of 0-9 which conflicted with bookmarks.

v2.1.9 (04-13-2021):
  • [Fixed] Issues with array tool and better operation.
  • [Fixed] Issues with PIE presets with newer engine versions.

v2.1.7 (03-25-2021):
  • [Fixed] Issues with auto resizing comments.

v2.1.6 (03-16-2021):
  • [Update] Texture resize library to AVIR to fix crashing with certain formats.

v2.1.2 (04-27-2020):
  • [Added] FButtonStyle and FCheckBoxStyle custom details'

v2.1.0 (03-07-2020):
  • [Added] Rename Tool optimizations and 'replace with' feature
  • [Update] Blueprint Transfer Tool cosmetics
  • [Added] TexToMat Tool material instance creation
  • [Added] Asset Cleaner Tool

v2.0.0 (06-18-2019):
  • [Update] Plugin name from 'Editor Tools' to 'DevTools'
  • [Merged] Todo Notes plugin with Editor Tools plugin

v1.8.1 (02-17-2019):
  • [Added] Asset Naming Conventions

v1.8.0 (02-07-2019):
  • [Added] Editor Themes
  • [Update] Reorganized project with seperate modules for faster compile times

v1.7.0 (02-04-2019):
  • [Added] Editor Layout Presets
  • [Added] Auto Folder Color

v1.5.7 (01-30-2019):
  • [Added] Editor Mode Transform Tool

v1.5.2 (12-14-2018):
  • [Added] Blueprint Transfer Tool
  • [Added] Auto Texture Asset Import Options
  • [Added] Comment Color Presets

v1.4.0 (11-22-2018):
  • [Added] Editor Mode Quick Place Tool
  • [Added] Console Commands Tool

v1.3.0 (11-7-2018):
  • [Added] Auto Sizing Comments

v1.1.4 (04-30-2018):
  • [Added] TexToMatTool: Material Options
  • [Added] TexToMatTool: Graph Node Locations and Comments
  • [Added] TexToMatTool: Emissive, Opacity, and Opacity Mask Texture Support
  • [Added] RenameTool: Keep Base Name
  • [Added] Play In Editor Presets

v1.0.0 (04-26-2018):
  • [Added] Website Page

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