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Jumper  v2.20
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This program acts as an additional Windows tiled start menu and provides a way to to save shorts to common and regularly used directories, files, and executables. Makes use of the DevExpress controls.

  • Add/Remove common shortcuts to directories, files, and applications
  • Organize shortcuts by category
  • Filter by shortcut category, name, and active
  • Import/Export from/to XML file
  • Supports environment variable links
  • Run on Windows startup option
  • Active and inactive shortcuts

Change Log
v2.20 (06-03-18):
  • [Added] Category and active filtering
  • [Added] Multiple shortcut selection
  • [Added] Active and inactive shortcuts
  • [Update] Stores saved shortcuts in XML file instead of registry

v2.05 (10-04-17):
  • [Added] Font, background, and tile customization

v2.0 (10-03-17):
  • [Update] Completely redesigned
  • [Update] Change log started

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