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ScourgeBall  v1.00

  • Multi-player networked sports game
  • Integration with Lobby Server and Client
  • Custom server physics settings
  • Three different game modes: hockey, dodgeball, pong

ScourgeBall is a cooperative, multiplayer, online, sports game that is similar to ice hockey. It has three different game modes. The first is hockey with the objective to shoot balls into goal zones. The second is dodgeball with the objective to hit players with your balls while not getting hit yourself. The third, and final game mode, is pong with the objective to score goals using a paddle to push the ball around instead of picking it up and shooting. All three modes use a score or time limit as a victory condition.

ScourgeBall was the second project I ever worked on, just out of high school, and is a Uniball clone. This project led to the creation of UniMap because it used the same map format as Uniball. The game was programmed in C++ using the winsock networking library and experimented with the Lidgren network library. The game uses cubic spline extrapolation and interpolation to smooth out location data over the network to provide good input response and an accurate simulation.

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