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UE4 Plugin: MultiEffect  v1.1.2
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A scene component and custom asset that contains a set of particle systems, sounds, decals, camera shakes, force feedbacks, and widgets that can act as a single effect and be played by name.

Create a MultiEffect assets and and then add them to a MultiEffectComponent for an actor or spawn one using the SpawnMultiEffectAtLocation() or SpawnMultiEffectAttached() static blueprint functions.

MultiEffect Features:
  • Store groups of effects as a single asset
  • Use multiple effect sets per component

Change Log
v1.1.2 (05-12-20):
  • [Updated] Minor updates for release

v1.1.0 (02-16-20):
  • [Added] Internal rework

v1.0.0 (05-30-18):
  • [Added] First version release

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