UE4 Projects
[ Scourge ]
3D cooperative sports combat game loosely based on the game Uniball.
3D RTS game with macro universe grid system and Starcraft-like battle mode.
Animated UI design and local co-cop tank battle.
A collection of custom, drivable, vehicle models and blueprints for Unreal Engine 4.

UE4 Marketplace Plugins
[ DevTools ]
A collection of common tools to enhance the development process.
A wrapper for the ENet reliable UDP networking library.

UE4 Plugins
A set of particle systems, sounds, decals, camera shakes, force feedback's, and widget that can act as one effect.
A Volume that uses triggers to spawn actors and static meshes.
A collection of re-usable classes for building user interfaces.
[ Inventory ]
A collection of re-usable classes for building inventory systems.
Graph menu systems and define widgets to be displayed for each node.
A set of reusable components and assets to quickly create multiple camera view switching setups for a single pawn.
A collection of re-usable classes for building projectile and launch systems.
[ Teams ]
A collection of re-usable classes for managing teams.
[ Vehicles ]
A collection of re-usable classes for setting up enter-able vehicle systems.
A vehicle build system UE4 C++ plugin inspired by the Kerbal Space Program build system.
Create skill tree assets that define unlock-able branches.
[ Settings ]
User profile game save system with game, graphic, input, audio, and network settings

Todo list, bill management, expenses, transactions, password management, e-book management, and notes.
Forex market news event ticker and alert system with Twitter and RSS support.
Manages information on VST, VSTi, and Kontakt plugins for audio production.
[ Jumper ]
Quickly launch shortcuts to directories, files, and programs.
[ My Lyrics ]
Manage your personal lyrics or poetry collection.
Quickly create smaller, scaled versions of images to be used as previews.
Setup and manage Scourge tournaments between teams.

Chat lobby frontend for Scourge, AoA, and rom emulators (NES, SNES, GEN, N64).
A remake of the original cooperative sports hockey game with spaceships, UniBall!
[ UniMap ]
The official UniBall map editor.
The first game project I ever worked on loosely based on the game Armor Critical.
Removes the student version popup in Autodesk Maya scene files.
Restarts the Wacom tablet service.